Help On Planet Cazmo

Hey guys its me ashcwh,

If you need help on PlanetCazmo then comment the time and place,then i’ll be there.



Look, Look, Whats that?

Hey its Mighty Buzz. Look, Look, Whats that? Thats a NEW HEADER! I made all of it. Please enjoy it, I worked on it a long time. If you wanna know what program I use. You can comment. But whats so funny is. That you dont even have to download the program. Its so cool! So all I gotta say is. Please appreciate the header as well as the site.

Skate On!

~Mighty Buzz

NEW Author!

Knock! Knock! Whos there? Neon Knights. Neon Knights who? Neon Knights of  Planet Cazmo! My name is Neon Knights on Planet Cazmo. I would like to thank ashcwh for letting me be a worker on this spuerb Planet Cazmo fansite! If you want to know me alittle bit more, hes a breif summary about me and my experiences on Planet Cazmo:

You can find me on Planet Cazmo as Neon Knights on Beatstreet. I joined Planet Cazmo January 10, 2009. I have loved Planet Cazmo from the start! I loves joke which I dont get off a candy wrapper, and I love these cazmos(as friends): twinkles, LAUR3NLaughandLov3, Dylman23, ashcwh, Black Wolf, Jimbercane, filpninecone, sk8ter249, rocker 47, RoboGuy, and RichCoolDude! In my spare time, I finish uncompleted quests, play mini games for coins, or work on my blog. Also, Im an Ambassador, and my PCAP number is 91. If you want to be my friend on Planet Cazmo, go ahead and ask, or comment on this post. Dont be shy! I dont bite!

an avatar on pc

Planet Cazmo Avatar:


sAcReD is dead

BTW… Bad News!… sAcReD died today! (12-5-08)… He died on a Ice Cube, (Only His Cazmo) So I’m making his Virtual Tumb Right here: (Now That’s a Good Reason For Panicking)

sACreD’s Tumb:

Here Rests sAcRed.
He was a great Friend, Ambassador, and…  Friend!
We will miss you sAcReD, Well… Only Berry! xD JK.


Panick Room Club

Panick Room Club:


To join this Club, You must have and know how to do all these requirements:

– Know how to Panic.
-Leave a Comment of you Panicking.
-When you’re on Duty (On Planet Cazmo) You must Panic.
-And Must be proud of be “Panicked” (lol, I don’t know what that means xD)


-Laton Flame
-Night Fang
-Fashion Queen Kate
-B U D D Y
-I Sk8ter Girl I

Two pics