When You Take A Picture, Sometimes It Will Come Out Like This o.O, Cool

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If You Don’t Know What I Look Like In PC Here It Is. 🙂
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guys theres new updates also here thay areand u can throw snowballs
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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hey guys,It’s me Ashcwh.
Today when I was checking the Sub Shop, I noticed that one Submarine is now available for non-members! The price of it is 70 cc (70 Cazmo Cash) If you you have enough money, why not buy it if you like it? To get there, first click on the Map Icon on your chatbar.

Next, click on the location on your map called Beach.

After you click on it, a mini page will pop up showing you numerous tiles of locations in the Beach. Just click on the following tile:

Next, go to the following location in that tile:

The one Submarine that is available to non-members is called Metallic Grey. I know that is the only one, but we should look at the greatfullness of the Planet Cazmo Team. Atleast they offered something to the non-members!

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The Requirments To Be a Ambassador are:

1. Be Good, Be Polite Always Tell Those Cazmos Off, If There Behavior Doesn’t Seem Right.

2. Always Follow the Rules Given by Chief (For Example Not Telling a Secret When You’re Not Supposed To)

3. Always Moderate Around Planet Cazmo.

4. Report Those Cazmos If They Get Out Of Control.

5. Don’t Make The Problem Get Worse.

6. Tour New Cazmos Such As Showing Them Around.

7. Recruit More Cazmos.

8. Be a Good Example for Other Cazmos.

9. Never Break The Rules.

These Are Some Things That You MUST Do To Be An Ambassador.

Have A Site Based On Planet Cazmo (You Can Make One Here
Play Planet Cazmo A LOT.

Your Reward:
but im not ambassador yet

And A Ambassador Hat Badge Beside Your PlayerCard:


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